Yoga House Miami


Stretching + Weight Loss Workshop

Stretching for Health + Eating for Life

Saturday, June 1

If you're tired of feeling inflexible and stiff - but don't know how to effectively stretch... And can't fit hours of yoga into your busy schedule...

And you want to feel lighter and get control of your weight - but hate the idea of "dieting" or feeling like you're missing out...

You'll learn stretches to do in studio - and at home - to increase your flexibility with a new approach to Bikram yoga: cooler, faster, and laser-focused on stretching your body where you need it. Very beginner friendly.

And you'll learn the food strategies Will used to lose 42 lbs in 8 months. (Hint: by eating more satisfying foods).

For anyone ready to take action to improve their mobility and daily wellbeing.

Sat, June 1
11:30-12:30 Stretching Class
12:30-2:30 pm Details on How to Do the Stretches
2:30-3pm Food strategies

$30 (by 5/29). Book Now to reserve your spot.

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